I was highly privileged to meet Vinielle Acha-Morfaw, Miss Cameroon USA at a bloggers hangout in Cameroon. The first thing no one could deny is her irresistible beauty. Added to that, her charisma and intelligence are worth mentioning. She was able to express herself maturely on any topic she was questioned about (from entrepreneurship to politics to health,etc.), something really impressive for a 21 years old girl.


Vinielle at the Hang out with Bloggers


Vinielle is also characterized by a high degree of philanthropy. She is the global ambassador of the Patcha Foundation, a nonprofit organization engaged in the fight against cancer.I was very touched by a statement she made concerning her philanthropic engagements: “When I see people suffering, there is always a burning desire in me to help”. Sympathy is just a feeling but compassion is backed by action.

She is a very dynamic girl who manages betweenstudies and her several engagements as Miss.

Although “fun times with friends has reduced”, she confessed, she still finds time to go out and enjoy (Shopping, clubbing…)


Since I was at the eve of the Festirock, a rock musical concert that was to happen during the Youth week in February 11th, we played a little interview game and I questioned her concerning her perception of Rock music. It was very interesting, just read below:


Arthur Himins: Do you like Rock Music?

VinielleAchaMorfaw: Yes I do like rock music. I listen to everything from pop, r&b, hip hop, rap, and old school music. I do not like to listen to hard rock though. 


A.H: Do you have a favorite Rock artist? Rock band?

V.A.M: I love PAN!C AT THE DISCO count? I really like their song “I Write Sins Not Tragedies”


A.H: Do you sing or compose songs?

V.A.M: I don’t write songs and I am a terrible singer (laughter). However, I would love to participate in karaoke! I enjoy listening to music and the lyrics, to me it is very therapeutic, many times song lyrics can relate to your life if you truly listen to each and every word.


A.H: What is the general opinion of Rock music in the US?

V.A.M: In the U.S. the culture is very diverse. With that said, people are open to various types of music and rock music is highly accepted in the U.S. The people you do not expect to listen to rock music will surprise you! For instance, not everyone would think I, Miss Cameroon USA, enjoys rock music. But surprise! 


A.H: Do you have Goth friends? Have you ever been in contact with Goth communities? Have you ever gone to Goth parties?


V.A.M: No I do not have Goth friends and have not been in contact with Goth communities or gone to parties. I do know that they exist and have heard about them. I only listen to a couple of rock song but I am not a big fan of Gothic Functions.

Awch!!! The last statement is so unfortunate because when looking at the picture below, one can say she has what it takes to be a rock star.


About Patcha foundation

Patcha foundation is based on the belief that the community’s needs are of the utmost importance. Their entire team is committed to meeting those needs. They are committed to being the brand of care that makes a difference. We believe that good health is central to efficient and good living.

The foundation is dedicated to healthcare; to securing and providing the latest and most innovative approaches to diagnosis and treatment. Our staff is available to answer questions, assist with doctor follow-up, and provide internet links and print materials with information on a variety of health concerns.

For more information, please visit http://patchafoundation.org/

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