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Understanding the pricing model

Arthur allows for both the property and the unit to be managed. Only the unit is charged for (the property is free). The unit contains the tenancy.

Property has a unit on or within, and both have the option to be managed.

  • Examples of the property with single unit includes any building or space that has a single unit on or within e.g Land with the house, Block with flat, Land with parking space, etc
  • Examples of the property with multiple units include any building or space that has more than one unit on or within e.g Block with flats, HMO with rooms, etc

Use our “Unit Pricing Toolto see how much Arthur would cost your business.



Frequently asked questions

Question 1: Do I pay even if I no longer manage the unit?

Answer: You will continue to pay unless you archive the unit.  Once archived Arthur will account for the change in unit numbers the following month. Payments will not adjust mid payment cycle.

**Where all records are archived for future access, Arthur will apply the minimum spend based on your package for continued access. If this is not required then cancel your D/D and access to the account will no longer be allowed.

Question 2: Do I pay for additional users?

Answer: No.

Question 3: Does Arthur’s pricing change with unit volume

Answer: Yes. Above 300 units, Arthur’s pricing will scale its unit pricing down in line with volume for Professional and Enterprise packages.

Question 4: Can I cancel at any time?

Answer: Yes, your Arthur subscription is a monthly rolling contract. You can either:

  • Come onto the live chat regarding your subscription.
  • Email

Question 5: Does it cost more having more than one Arthur account?

For Professional and Enterprise packages, we aggregate your units so that you pay the unit price across all portfolios. Arthur only applies the minimum spend to your main account

Example of Account 1 and Account 2

Total spend = Account 1 (Minimum package spend + price per unit above minimum no of units) + Account 2 (price per unit only – No minimum spend )

Please Note: Account 1 should be the account with the most amount units. For customers that pay via credit card, there is a minimum £10 charge even on additional accounts.

Question 6: Do I pay for anything else other than my monthly subscription?

Yes if you choose to purchase any additional services.


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