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How Match Bank Transactions not on Arthur statements

Note: We allow our users to handle transactions that are outside Arthur Statements e.g. Salaries, but we don’t show detailed receivable and payable balances for these types of transactions or their related contacts. We just have the functionality to allow you to reconcile against them

Step 1: Go to Financials > Bank Accounts


Step 2: Select Start Reconciliation on the relevant Bank account


Step 3: To the right of the statement line containing a Non-Arthur transaction select ‘Not a match?’


Step 4: Select the ‘Assign to’ Box


Step 5: Pick if it’s an Income, Expense, Asset or Liability


Step 6: Select a Payee, Transaction type, VAT code and description. Please note: These Payees show in OTHER CONTACTS


Step 7: Click Match

To add your own transaction types. Go to Financials > Analysis codes > Fill in Details > Select Available for cashbook reconciliation > Make sure to select an account type e.g. expense.

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