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How to Import a Bank Statement


Please ensure you are subscribed to the live bank feed


Step 1: Go to Financials > Bank Accounts


Step 2: Click the drop down on the relevant bank account > Import Bank Statement


Step 3: Download the sample template > Fill in the Excel Statement accordingly


Step 4: Every column is mandatory apart from reference and payee. We recommend putting the payee as a TE number reference, to make the reconciliation process easier


Step 5: Make sure the date format is YYYY-MM-DD, to change the entire columns format easily, select the whole column at the top of the spreadsheet > drop down where it says general > more number formats > select date on the left hand side > choose the 3rd option from the bottom


Step 6: Upload from selected device > confirm everything on the confirm screen

Note: any errors will highlight in RED, and duplicates will highlight in ORANGE

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