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FAQs (ArthurPay)

Here are some answers to queries you may have regarding the Arthur virtual bank account:

If I am already using the Arthur live bank feed, is this an add on?

  • We recommend to keep using the live bank feed with Arthurpay1.0 for reconciliation of your outgoing payments to tenants, contractors and suppliers. Arthurpay’s next release will include a more versatile payout functionality that is superior to the live bank feed, so you could choose to not use the live bank feed anymore.

I am integrated into xero. Can I use Arthurpay?

  • It depends on your business setup. In order to make sure that Arthurpay is adding value to you, please consult us before subscribing

I want to unsubscribe from Arthurpay. How can I do that?

  • You need to contact us to close down your account.

Can my tenants transfer money from abroad?

  • At this moment, they cannot.

The tenant’s bank is not on the list when they try to pay by open banking

  • This is most probably because the bank your tenant uses isn’t supported. See list of supported banks here:

Can I use Arthurpay even if I am not an Arthur customer?

  • Unfortunately not, but we are working on a PMS agnostic solution to make this possible in the future.

If I use the ‘days in advance’ feature & the charge is brought to the statement earlier than the invoice date, when will the payment request be sent to the tenant?

  • This will be sent to the tenant as soon as it appears on the statement but the invoice date will still remain.

If I void a charge where a payment request was already sent to the tenant, what happens?

  • When you void the charge, an email will not be sent to your tenants to let them know that it is cancelled. However, if you try to pay it, it show to the tenant as ‘link expired’

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