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Why create additional linked accounts together with how to create and remove them

Arthur is able to link multiple accounts by linking the same email address of the user. This feature is very useful and should be used if:

  • You manage multiple portfolios that require separate instances of Arthur, for example, if you have multiple Xero accounts (the relationship involves one Arthur, one Xero)
  • You are a virtual manager handling multiple accounts.
  • The franchise, separate offices or properties in SPV’s (Discussed below)

To invite users to these accounts please see How to invite and disable team members and also link them to multiple Arthur accounts


1. Would it cost more if I have more than 1 Arthur account

For Professional and Enterprise packages, we aggregate your units so that you pay the unit price across both portfolios and only apply the minimum spend to your main account- Account 1.

Total spend = Account 1 (Minimum package spend + price per unit above minimum no of units) + Account 2 (price per unit only)

Please Note: Account 1 should be the account with the most amount units.

2. Can I have more than one account open at once

You can have all your accounts open at once with no issues. Simply open each account in a new tab on your browser.

3. How do clients that are not an agency with portfolios in different SPV’s work

Clients with this setup can set up Arthur in two ways shown below. Which one of below is preferred is dictated to by the client’s accounting needs.

  1. Using separate Arthur accounts linked to their own respective Xero accounts.
  2. As a Quasi agency with one Arthur account that has each SPV as an owner and then treats each owner as a customer to be remitted to as would a normal agency set up. This way would accommodate one Xero dedicated to this quasi agency.

4. Can I run reports across all the Arthur accounts

Our reporting goes across Arthur accounts as well as within each account


How to create another account


How to disconnect an account

Remember to cancel your Direct Debit for this account, * disconnecting it won’t stop you from being charged. It simply removes the account from your login.

To disconnect go to: Edit My Details > More > Disconnect this account


Disconnect the account


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