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Election 2015: Ed Miliband plans ‘to curb rip-off rent’

Industry Insight May 3rd, 2015
Election 2015: Ed Miliband plans ‘to curb rip-off rent’

Red Ed has decided to try and put an end to ‘rip-off rent’

Rent increases would be capped at inflation and tenants given standard three-year contracts under Labour plans to stop  “rip-off rent”. This would allow tenant’s to plan for the future with more security. However, it would severely impede the ability of landlords to get rid of problem tenants.

Leader Ed Miliband said his party would also give tenants the right to know what rent their predecessors had paid. This would stop landlords putting up rent above the market standard between tenancies and prevent ‘rip-off rent’.

Conservative London mayor Boris Johnson said it was a “disastrous policy” that would reduce housing supply.

Cick to see his interview on the Andrew Marr show

Arthur Online  looks at how the different parties would affect the rental market. To see this analysis click  what the general election will mean to the private rental sector

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