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Introducing Our Fully Integrated Live Bank Feed

Arthur is proud to introduce our brand new, fully integrated live bank feed. Making the accounting element of your business as easy as 1,2,3.

Streamline your finances

Do you want to keep on top of your rents, payments to owners and contractors, and improve the accuracy and speed of your finances? Then our fully integrated Live Bank Feed is the solution for you.

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How it can help you

See how you can boost the efficiency of your business with our Live Bank Feed.

Everything in one place

Have full visibility of your business and see exactly what is going in and out of your account on one platform.

Save time and money

Access key business data quickly and efficiently freeing up valuable time and resources you can reinvest into expanding your portfolio.

Increase accuracy

Eliminate the need to check multiple sources and ensure they match thereby reducing the risk of human error.

Easy reconciliation

Reconcile stakeholder payments, mortgages, client account and much more!

Produce reports

Produce a variety of reports through your property management software.

Improve efficiency

Access key financial information available with the click of a button.


How our live bank feed can help you for only £12.99 a month!

  • Easy reconciliation for your stakeholders: Property Owners, Contractors and Tenants
  • Produce accounting reports including P&Ls and Balance Sheets (more to come)
  • Reconcile payments that don't relate directly to Arthur: mortgages & salaries
  • Client account reconciliation
  • Directly integrates with Arthur
  • And much more!

What bank would you like to see integrated next?

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We currently integrate with AIB Group UK, Bank of Ireland, Barclays Bank, HSBC Group, Lloyds Banking Group (including Bank of Scotland and Halifax), Nationwide Building Society, NatWest Group, Northern Bank Limited and Santander UK.

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Accounting package integrations

If you require detailed pay-roll functionality, detailed payables and receivables analysis (outside of Arthur contacts), then Arthur also integrates with Xero.

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