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How to replace a tenant on a tenancy

There will be times when a tenant on a tenancy leaves and is replaced.


There are two option or a combination of both can be used

  1. Simply mark on the tenant card that they have left and the new tenants card they have moved in
  2. Delete the tenant permanently

Simply mark on the tenant card that they have left



Delete the tenant permanently

Step 1- Delete existing tenant

Ensure that the tenant being removed is not the main tenant. If it is then set one of the other tenants as the main tenant and then delete.

The result of this deletion will be as follows:

  1. When a tenant in a tenancy is attached to a guarantor, then the guarantor is also removed
  2. When a tenant in a tenancy has a recurring charge attached to them  then the recurring charge is disabled
  3. When a tenant is deleted on a tenancy it is added to the activity log along with the switching off of the recurring charge


All three of the above are displayed on the activity log of the tenancy

Step 2 – Add new tenant

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