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How to move a tenancy to a new unit

The change tenancy feature allows users to make changes to a tenancy in an easy flow

Please note:

  1. This feature will work well with Xero  and does not require any changes to the mapping
  2. You cannot move a tenancy from one unit to another if there is a different owner or no owner.  If the move involves a unit with a different owner then please set exiting tenancy to past and re-create a new tenancy.
  3. We recommend that if a different contract is to be created, it’s best practice to end the tenancy in the current unit and create a new tenancy in the new unit. Do not use this feature unless you are continuing on with the same contract.


Step 1

Go to tenancy>menu>change tenancy


Step 2

Select a new unit. Please note that the unit will not show if under different ownership. If this is under different ownership then create a new tenancy in this unit under the new owner and end the current one


Where to find the history

The move will be located in the history of the tenancy







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