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Understanding the scheduler

The scheduler is an area of Arthur where the user can set up scheduled actions. These actions include:

  1. Tasks
  2. Work orders
  3. Messages (SMS or email)

To find the Scheduler index page – Calendar > Scheduler


Create a scheduled action

This can be done from a number of places:

  1. Quick add
  2. Scheduler index page
  3. Within the task or work order index page
  4. Within a property, unit, or tenancy record


Quick add and Scheduler index Page


Within a Task, Work Order or Tenancy index Page > More > Create Schedule



Or within a record (property, unit, or tenancy) > Scheduler > Add



Step 1- Create the schedule 

In this example, it’s cleaning every two weeks on a Saturday.



Step 2 – Create the scheduled action

In this example, it’s the creation of a work order.


Once the action has been chosen, the screen will dynamically change to allow for the addition of the details to that action.


The start date and due dates are how many days after the creation date these are to be


Once created, the scheduled work order will show on the Scheduler index page. To edit or change these, click the dropdown menu on the right.



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