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Understanding documents

1. Where can documents be uploaded to

Uploading can occur in many places

  1. Property
  2. Unit
  3. Tenancy
  4. Applicants
  5. Tasks
  6. Work orders
  7. Certificates
  8. Messages (coming soon)
  9. Notices
  10. Master directory


2. Where are documents stored

When uploading a document anywhere in the system, Arthur will create a “master” version of this document in documents (Master root directory) and a  relationship (“Attached to”) with one or many of the areas above.

When uploading a document anywhere on the system the “master document” is kept in the document root directory area as shown below



To permanently delete the document go to the master directory and delete it. see below. If its removed from anywhere else the process is referred to as Detach


3. How to create further relationships for documents

Any documents can be attached to other areas shown above using the feature “Attach to”


Attach to” opens a second screen for you to search and create a second relationship




4. How to share a document

Once a relationship has been created to one of the above you can share that document with the users  “shared with”. This relates to the visibility of that document on the recipient’s app.

The recipients include:

  •  Tenants
  • Contractors
  • Owners

To understand who sees what you must understand Arthur`s hierarchy


When uploading a document there is an option to share at that point



or Share retrospectively






To remove “share with” click on share with and remove the tick

5. Share with all tenants across the portfolio

Go to documents in the root directory>menu>share with all occupants. This can be used for example with how to rent guide. All current occupants and future occupants will have access via the app






6. Email a document/s to a recipient?

Documents can be emailed individually or in bulk to a recipient in Arthur.

  • In bulk: tick documents>send via email
  • Individually: dropdown>send via email




7. How to mailmerge a document and send for digital signature

This dealt within the documents area


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