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Rental Prices According to London Underground Station

Industry Insight October 6th, 2015
Rental Prices According to London Underground Station

Arthur presents a study of London Tube Station rental prices, based on the average cost of a one bedroom flat per calendar month.


Are you currently trying to find a new property in London for a good price? Want to live as near to Central London as you can currently afford? Then this Rent Adjusted Tube Map by Thrillist is a useful tool in gauging the cost of rental prices in the area, based on the average rental prices of a one bedroom flat near the given station. As London prices continue to grow, with recent reports of a return to double figure price growth in the capital annually, it is no surprise that many of the stations remain out of the price bracket of average income earners.

Unsurprisingly, the most expensive station for rental prices is Hyde Park Corner, based in the highly affluent SW1 postcode. A one-bedroom flat here will cost nearly £3,000 a month to rent, well out of the price range of many. However, this price does mean that the flat is probably furnished to a very high standard and is based in a very sought after location.

rental price

Even being based near the end of the line out in the suburbs does not necessarily mean an automatic reduction in rental prices. Morden, at the end of the Northern line, still costs over £1,000 per calendar month, whilst Loughton, near the end of the Central line, costs £1,384 per calendar month. Richmond and Wimbledon, both at the end of the District line, also cost well over £1,000 per calendar month.

rental prices      2015-10-06_13-10-25          rental prices

The cheapest flat is Hatton Cross at the end of the Piccadilly line, in close proximity to Heathrow airport. A one bed flat in the area only costs an average of £324 per calendar month, far below the London average presented in the rental price tube map. At least, with all the money saved on rent, one would be able to frequent Heathrow a lot more often for some holidays abroad!

rental prices

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