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Bespoke web forms – Building webforms

*Only available on Professional and Enterprise subscriptions*

Arthur will build you a bespoke web form that can sit on your website, act as an initial lead capture, or even as the template with which to complete referencing. The information will feed directly back into your account, either updating or creating an applicant record with the information gathered.

This means you get a form that best reflects your business, not a one size fits all form that we provide at Arthur. You can also make all information and all documents a requirement so that the applicant can’t send without all the required information being completed.

The process includes:

  • A member of our implementation team understanding details of what you want on the form, what it will be used for and what documents you will want to be uploaded to the form.
  • Rebranding of your form to reflect your company
  • It takes circa 2-3 days to complete this process

*If you would like to capture data that does not have a specific field within Arthur, then the data entered into these fields will be added to the applicant’s note area.


  •  Please call for a quote. Any additional work will be charged also.

This article is linked to How to integrate the applicant form into your tenancy on boarding.


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